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Know More about the PLC, DCS and HMI 2021-02-01

Know More about the PLC, DCS and HMI

HMI stands for Human Machine Interface.

A programmable logic controller (abbreviated as "PLC") is a computer used to solve problems in a specific assembly process. These devices come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and have many alternative options, can be used for computerized and simple I/O, and have the function of preventing high temperature, vibration and electrical noise. The invention of PLC allowed to simplify the computer into an industrial automation process.

A distributed control system or DCS is a control system in which the controller components are not local, but dispersed throughout the system, and each component subsystem is controlled by one or more controllers. The entire arrangement of the controller is associated with the corresponding and observed system. DCS is a very broad term used in various enterprises to monitor and control hardware. The following is a list of places where distributed control systems are used.

Follow me and learn more about the world of automation.

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ABB TU818V1 3BSE069209R1
ABB SDCS-PIN-51-C0AT 3ADT220090R0006
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ABB DSQC602 3HAC12816-1
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ABB DA501 1SAP250700R0001
ABB TB511-ETH 1SAP111100R0270
ABB TU516 1SAP212000R0001
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Prosoft  MVI56-CSC
Prosoft  MVI56E-MNETCR
Prosoft  MVI69-PDPMV1
Prosoft  MVI56E-MCMR
Prosoft  5204-DFNT-PDPMV1
Prosoft  MVI69-MNET
Prosoft  MVI56-GSC
Prosoft  PLX31-MBTCP-MBS
Prosoft  MVI46-ADMNET
Prosoft  MV194-MCM-MHI
Prosoft  MVI69-ADM
Prosoft  3150-MCM
Prosoft  MVI46-MCM 

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